I first began developing websites back in 2006, where I also developed a love for all things technology related. Ever since then I have been involved in the world of website development and computer hardware, along with managing a technology reviews website visited by millions of users from around the world.

Regardless of whether you're looking to have a new website built, some affordable website hosting, a new logo or simply some technical support I am here to help. Get in touch with me here.

Website Development

Whether you're looking for a simple website with a few pages or a larger CMS-powered website for a blog or Ecommerce store I can help you achieve your goals. All websites I create are fully responsive and designed to not only look great, but to also enhance your business.

For the majority of my projects that make use of a CMS (content management system) I typically use WordPress, along with WooCommerce for Ecommerce stores. WordPress is a free and open-source platform that offers a high level of customisation, allowing for a wide variety of ways to build and develop your dream website.

Affordable Website Hosting

Having somewhere to host your website is a necessity for it to be visible to the public. As well as creating your website I can provide affordable website hosting which starts at just £5 per month.

There are three levels to the hosting that I can provide - Basic, Premium & Pro. The most basic option comes with 3GB of storage and 5GB traffic, as well as up to 2 email addresses. My Premium hosting package is perfect for small to mid-sized Ecommerce websites and comes with 10GB of storage, unlimited traffic and up to 5 email addresses. The Pro package is perfect for high traffic websites, comes with 20GB or storage, up to 10 email addresses and free domain renewal each year (*).

Both the Premium and Pro hosting packages include daily backups at no additional cost (**), ensuring that in the unlikely event of any server issues your data is backed up and can be back up and running in no time at all.

For a hosting solution that exceeds the offerings of the Pro hosting package a more custom option can be easily put together to meet the requirements of your business.

* Up to a maximum of £20, and limited to standard TLDs. ** Backups must not exceed the available storage of your chosen hosting package. If additional storage is required then blocks of 5GB can be purchased at an additional monthly cost.

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